Holiday Pics Story Map

Holidays come to an end :'( And with it comes also the pleasure to sort out the best holiday pics to create a holiday photo album, to post the best parts on social networks, or simply to have a nice and clean folder on you disk.

I went with some friends beginning of June to Stockholm and I decided to keep my best pictures for the creation of a story map web application! Discover it here!

Holiday Pics Story Map
Holiday Pics Story Map

How was it done?

I used the Story Map builder provided by Knightlab. This tool is quite easy to use and I recommend it for those who want to quickly create a story map and having it hosted on the internet.

I would say that building the story map is powerpoint-like :

Knightlab Editor
Knightlab Editor

Slides have to added one by one and they are configured on the right side

  • Upload an image (or provided an url to an image)
  • Insert the credits
  • Inset the caption of the picture
  • Provide a title
  • Provide a description
  • And, the most important I think, provide a location! The location is in fact an address or a known site (like “Big Ben” if it would have been in London)

Also do not forget to configure the welcome page! The only step is to provide  a picture representing the Story Map. The background map is simply the extent of all the points picked from the map for the other slides.

Once the Story Map finished, I grabbed the html code to embed the associated iframe into website.

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