BEL20 Stock Market Index on maps

One of my hobbies beside GIS is following the Stock Market, whether it is the Belgian BEL20, the French CAC40, the Dutch AEX, the German DAX30 and of course the two American Dow Jones and NASDAQ.

The idea of this article was to merge both hobbies: The Stock Market and GIS. As a Belgian, my interest focuses on the BEL20 which is composed of following companies:

Company Sector Address
AB InBev Brewers Boulevard Industriel 21 1070 Brussels
Ackermans & van Haaren Diversified Industrials Begijnenvest 113 B-2000 Antwerp
Ageas Life Insurance Markiesstraat 1 1000 Brussel
Befimmo-Sicafi Industrial and Office REITs Parc Goemaere Chaussée de Wavre 1945 B-1160 Brussels
Bekaert Diversified Industrials President Kennedypark 18 8500 Kortrijk
Belgacom Telecommunications Koning Albert II laan 27B 1030 Brussel
bpost Postal Service E.M.C. Building 829 C 1931 Zaventem
Cofinimmo Industrial and Office REITs Bld de la Woluwe 58 Woluwedal 1200 Brussels
Colruyt Group Food Retailers and Wholesalers Edingensesteenweg 196 1500 Halle
D'Ieteren Consumer Services Rue du Mail 50 1050 Ixelles
Elia Electricity Boulevard de l'Empereur 20 1000 Bruxelles
GBL Specialty Finance Avenue Marnix n°24 1000 Brussels
GDF Suez Gas Distribution Boulevard Simon Bolivar 1000 Ville de Bruxelles
Groupe Delhaize Food Retailers and Wholesalers Osseghemstraat 53 1080 St Jans-Molenbeek
Groupe Delta Lloyd Insurances Avenue de l'Astronomie 23 1210 Bruxelles
KBC Banks Havenlaan 2 B – 1080 Brussels
Solvay Specialty Chemicals RUE DE RANSBEEK 310 1120 BRUXELLES
Telenet Group Broadcasting and Entertainment Liersesteenweg 4 2800 Mechelen
UCB Pharmaceuticals Allée de la Recherche 60 1070 Anderlecht
Umicore Specialty Chemicals Broekstraat 31 1000 Brussel

Obsiously, the companies are put on a map based on their addresses. To do the geocoding, I used the HERE geocoding API. The data used for producing the maps are coming from Google Finance and Data have been gathered on Sunday the 26th of April (so data are still outdated when writing this article).

All the maps I did can be visualized in the bel20 Stock Market Index Book (CLICK ON THE PICTURE):

bel20 Stock Market Index Book
bel20 Stock Market Index Book

The maps were created within ArcGIS for Desktop. For each address point, I create a buffer with the purpose to extrude it according to a specific value. The document is then exported to ArcGlobe for giving the 3D perspective. The circles are extruded according to the parameters I chose:

  • Market Weight
  • Market Capitalization
  • Stock Evolution the last 5 years
  • Average Daily Volume
  • Earning Per Share in Euro
  • P/E Ratio
  • Percentage Change from Year Low
  • Percentage Change from Year High

As you will see in the following maps, the companies being part of the BEL20 index are principally located in Brussels. 5 of them are Flemish.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This Article about combining GIS and the Stock Market has no purpose to give advise on buying or selling positions. This article is only an informative blog.

Here More Details about the individual maps:

Weight in the bel20 Index
Market Weight
Market Weight
Company GDF Suez AB InBev KBC Solvay Ageas Groupe Delhaize GBL UCB Umicore Colruyt Group Groupe Delta Lloyd Belgacom Telenet Group Ackermans & van Haaren
Weight 13.17% 11.66% 8.94% 8.94% 8.90% 6.81% 6.52% 5.97% 5.74% 4.04% 3.68% 3.63% 2.37% 2.07%

As we see from the map, but as well from the table, the winners are GDF Suez, AB Inbev, KBC, Solvay and AGEAS. They are all located in the Brussels Region.

Market Capitalization
Market Capitalization
Market Capitalization
Company AB InBev Groupe Delta Lloyd KBC UCB GBL Groupe Delhaize Belgacom Solvay D'Ieteren Ageas Telenet Group Colruyt Group bpost
Market Cap in EURO 182.60E+9 46.11E+9 24.46E+9 13.18E+9 12.91E+9 12.38E+9 11.45E+9 11.17E+9 8.32E+9 7.47E+9 6.49E+9 6.47E+9 5.23E+9

The map is not big enough to show the top of the tubes of AB Inbev, and Delta Lloyd.

Stock Evolution since 5 years
Market Evolution
Market Evolution
Company AB InBev Telenet Group UCB Ackermans & van Haaren Solvay KBC Ageas Umicore Elia Groupe Delhaize bpost GBL Colruyt Group
Stock evolution 5y 218.20% 150.96% 137.99% 117.33% 88.08% 78.09% 53.37% 52.71% 43.66% 32.65% 31.55% 26.85% 19.81%

The winner over the last 5 years is clearly AB Inbev which rose by 218%!. Telenet, UCB and Ackermans complete the closed club of companies which shares rose by more than 100%. On the other half of the table, we see clear loser like Bekaert (-38%) and GDF Suez (-26,73%).

Avery Daily Volume
Average Daily Volume
Average Daily Volume
Company Groupe Delta Lloyd GBL AB InBev Belgacom KBC Umicore Ageas D'Ieteren UCB bpost Solvay Colruyt Group Bekaert Telenet Group
Average daily volume 5940370 1579600 1433190 960593 819744 542185 502054 456197 322835 302956 237677 234338 150396 127494

The belgian market is clearly monopolized by the Delta Lloyd for which an average of almost 6 million shares changes hand within the day. This is 4 times higher than the second in the list, GBL.

Earning Per Share
Earning Per Share
Earning Per Share
Company Ackermans & van Haaren Groupe Delhaize AB InBev KBC Befimmo-Sicafi GDF Suez Colruyt Group Ageas Umicore bpost Bekaert UCB Groupe Delta Lloyd Solvay Telenet Group
Earning per Share in EURO 6.95 5.88 5.54 3.56 3.43 3.05 2.47 2.29 1.69 1.58 1.43 1.17 1.07 1.03 1.01

The Earning Per Share is an indicator for the value of earning per share. The smaller, the more interesting to buy (I am not a stock buying adviser and this is not a indication to buy!!).

In this optic, Ackermans, Delhaize and AB Inbev are not very interesting stocks while Cofinimmo, Elia and Belgacom are!

P/E Ratio
P/E Ratio
P/E Ratio
Company Solvay D'Ieteren UCB Telenet Group Umicore AB InBev Bekaert Befimmo-Sicafi Groupe Delta Lloyd Colruyt Group bpost KBC Ackermans & van Haaren Ageas
PERatio 130.60 87.73 58.74 54.95 24.71 20.51 18.43 18.34 17.96 17.74 16.58 16.44 15.80 14.88

The P/R is another indicator. The higher it is, the higher are the expectations of future growths in earnings (attention that it can also be the sign of a bubble when it is too high). Solvay, D’Ieteren and UCB are in this way very high.

Percent Change since year low (last 365 days)
Percent Change since year low (last 365 days)
Percent Change since year low (last 365 days)
Company bpost Belgacom KBC AB InBev Telenet Group Ageas Umicore Colruyt Group Solvay Ackermans & van Haaren Elia D'Ieteren UCB
Percent Change From Year Low 62.93% 61.57% 60.25% 50.86% 45.96% 43.58% 40.08% 36.51% 29.41% 28.42% 26.04% 26.01% 24.72%

From the map and the table, we see the stock that recovered the most from the last 365 days’ low is BPost with a recovery of 62,93% from the bottom. BPost is followed by Belgacom (+61,57%), and KBC (+60,25%).

Percent Change since year high (last 365 days)
Percent Change since year high
Percent Change since year high
Company Bekaert Cofinimmo Befimmo-Sicafi GBL Groupe Delta Lloyd UCB D'Ieteren bpost Ackermans & van Haaren Belgacom Solvay AB InBev Umicore
Percent Change From Year High -12.60% -12.31% -10.45% -10.01% -8.97% -8.73% -8.66% -5.42% -4.77% -4.74% -4.57% -4.38% -2.73%

Here we have the percentage of loss since year’s high. This is also an interesting topic to see which stocks losses weight in a high bullish market. Bekaert lost about 12.60% from year’s high. It is followed by two real estate companies which are Cofinimmo and Befimmo with respectively -12.31% and 10.45%.

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