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Ready for your GIS missions!


It is a great pleasure to announce that themagiscian.com is now open for YOUR gis missions! We have now a juridic existence in Belgium and working with a valid VAT number. We’re available for your gis missions abroad a well!

Let’s CREATE GREAT adventures!

Great Adventure
Great Adventure

The GIS missions we’re ready to take are of the following kind:

  • Vector and Raster Data Management.
  • System Architecture.
  • Data acquisition and digitizing.
  • Data Preparation, Cleaning, Geoprocessing, Workflow Management.
  • Data structure organization, database Expertise (PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Oracle Spatial).
  • Mapping, Cartographic Applications, Geobooks.
  • GIS Application.
  • Web Application development/Web Server Configuration.
  • Scripting, plugin development.
  • GIS Software QA.
  • Remote Sensing data Management and Expertise, Multi criteria analysis.

Our blog articles are our best Resumes about what we can achieve together!

For more detailed skills, please have a look at our resume HERE.

Set of skills
Set of skills

The GIS Software and tools we’re familiar with:

Some of our domains of Expertise:

  • Networks (roads, waterways, high-voltage lines): Multimodal, VRP, TSP.
  • Geocoding, Reverse-geocoding.

The Standards and methods we’re working with:

Data we’re working with:

We can count of a solid network of partners to make our organization more scalable to respond to your growing demands!

Please do not hesitate to contact us at daniel@themagiscian.com for further inguiries!



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