Kelmis – Home sweet home

Kelmis is the village in Belgium I am coming from. I was born in Eupen but I lived the most part of my life in Kelmis (aka La Calamine in French). It is located at the border with The Netherlands and Germany and is hence a German-Speaking place where however almost everybody speaks French also.

As I am so proud of the place I come from, I decided to create a promotional Story Map about my village. It is rather small but there is a lot of history behind it.

For example, the 3.4km² locality of Neu-Moresnet in the municipality of Kelmis was formerly an independent State on its own from 1830 to 1919, with their own coins and stamps. There was also the Utopian project to make out of Neu-Moresnet the first State where Esperanto would have been a national language.

All of this being said, please discover this small town on your own:

Visit Kelmis!
Visit Kelmis!

This app is built using the Story Map Tour os esri:

4 thoughts on “Kelmis – Home sweet home

  1. I just wanted to note that I experienced a small issue when viewing the map using my Chrome browser. When I clicked on the first landmark, the map zoomed in too close to the base map to the point where everything appeared pixellated. Once I used the zoom out one level manually, only then was the map viewable on a usable scale.

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